About Us

“Our mission is to provide integration solutions that exceed the requirements of one of the most demanding industries in the world…the healthcare delivery industry.”

Mike McLeod, CPHIMS, President

McLeod CG is dedicated to assisting healthcare providers in the areas of problem identification and resolution, as well as providing ongoing support to healthcare provider/payors as they strive to attain an integrated healthcare delivery system. Knowledge and expertise are the cornerstones of McLeod CG’s staff.

McLeod CG’s consultants provide a level of expertise unmatched throughout the industry. With at least 7 years in healthcare experience and at least 5 years of specific interface engine experience, our consultant’s offer a knowledge level second to none. Through remote consulting, based on our “best of the best” staff, McLeod CG is able to develop expertise partnerships with our clients and provide the best possible solution in a timely and cost effective manner.